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Empowering Coastal Resilience Planning through Modelling

Benefit from prevention planning rather than crisis management

The issue

Many of us have chosen to live in low-elevation coastal zones putting ourselves at risk for the effects of flooding and coastal erosion. Despite the well-known challenges related to climate change, we continue to do so in rapidly growing coastal cities. This is a shared concern for coastal communities around the world – however, it is not too late to take action.

Why it matters

Soft and hard coastal protection acts as a line of defense. As such, continuous and innovative upgrades are necessary to respond to rising challenges. While coastal hazards are luring in the horizon, the devastating impact of these disasters can be prevented. Coastal resilience adaptation planning helps communities adapt and improve long-term sustainability against loss of lives and properties.

How we can help

It’s a common concern whether ones community is adequately prepared for climate changes. Through advanced software technology, DHI strives to share our understanding of complex physics to serve coastal communities trying to adapt worldwide. Digital twins of coastal environmental settings can support you in mitigating coastline instability and flooding. Partner with DHI and de-risk the challenges of living in coastal areas.

Consulting solutions

Investigation of natural coastal protection solutions
By harmonising marine infrastructure with nature, we’ll propose a mix of artificial coastal elements such as beaches, headlands, cliffs and lagoon environments.
Ensurance of realistic coastal design schemes during early planning
Using quick up-front first order analysis, DHI empowers your early decisions by providing support in using our new interactive Coastal Screening Tools platform.
Creation of a shoreline morphology digital twin
Using MIKE 21 Shoreline Morphology, we can simulate long- term shoreline morphological response in complex environments.
Online flood protection and emergency response planning
Safeguarding against coastal flooding and adapting to climate change has never been easier. We’ll show you how to get the most out of our new DHI Flood Risk application.
Re-establishment of important coastal habitats
By applying custom tools designed to assess areas where seagrass restoration is most likely to succeed, we can support your efforts in restoring this important habitat.
Development of synergies between coastal and environmental protection
By applying an environmental design approach, we’ll help you optimise your investment in stone reefs which can act as an important ecosystem hot spot.
DHI has been involved in several stone reef projects offering extensive knowledge in optimising coastal protection effects as well as securing an ideal ecosystem.

Technology and resources

Play Video
Watch how MIKE 3 Wave FM simulates flood scenarios previously unrealistic to model

Empower early decisions with the online Coastal Screening Tools application
Avoid nature-defying solutions with this robust interactive platform that provides rapid answers to solutions that would survive from feasibility to implementation.

Create a digital twin with MIKE 21 Shoreline Morphology 2D software
Open the door to new possibilities for simulating long-term shoreline morphological response in relation to geomorphological setting and marine infrastructure.
Access dynamic flood and damage loss maps with DHI Flood Risk
Test different climate scenarios, experiment with a mix of mitigation measures and quantify their consequences with this new, easy to use web-based system.

Rely on MIKE 3 Wave FM software to accurately calculate wave transformation
Analyse the impact of a wave climate on offshore, coastal or port infrastructure using this advanced 3D phase-resolving model.

Better predict the power of wind-waves with MIKE 21 Spectral Waves software Calculate and analyse wave climates in offshore and coastal areas to accurately assess their impact on valuable assets using this proven spectral wind-wave model.
Use MIKE ECO Lab software to manage disease risks from flooding events
Help protect public safety from potential flood risks by calculating flood risk indices or scour risk formulas with this powerful ecological modelling software.
Take advantage of our Free Shoreline Management Guidelines e-Book
Ensure your shoreline management and waterfront development schemes achieve sustainability and adaptability to climate changes with this free e-book.

Featured software subscription package

Coastal Engineering

This affordable subscription package features some of our best industry-recognised applications to support your coastal engineering studies including MIKE 21 Spectral Waves, MIKE 21/3 Sand Transport, LITPACK and more!



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Mitigation and emergency planning for combined flood events with DHI FloodRisk

Join us for this free, 45-minute webinar on flood hazard planning and how to reduce economic losses using our new web-based tool DHI FloodRisk. DHI FloodRisk provides users the ability to test different climate scenarios and the effect of proposed mitigation measures.

1 Oct 2020 | 7:00-7:45 UTC or 14:00-13:45 UTC | Register  


Building resilience to coastal hazards

Advanced simulation of extreme weather events has provided support to many marine and coastal activities – from planning to response. Watch this free webinar to explore the key concepts of risk and resilience planning along with the role of new technology. Be inspired by real-world examples of the use of pragmatic methods and new technologies to better protect coastal communities.

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