Port & Terminal Operations

Explore hidden capacities and streamline decision making

Safely expand throughput capacity
Use our award-winning vessel response online management cloud-application, NCOS ONLINE, to unlock hidden Under Keel Clearance (UKC) capacities and secure safe vessel transits.

Secure safe vessel berthing 24/7
Improve berthing efficiency and safety—regardless of the weather—using NCOS ONLINE’s dynamic vessel mooring analysis model that seamlessly pairs with environmental data.

Automate biosecurity risk assessments
Rely on the cloud-application, Vessel-Check, to reduce marine pest risks entering a port, save time and improve overall management efficiency.

Perform progressive water modelling
Develop an integrated numerical hydrodynamic model of your entire port and navigation channel to better understand capacity and moored vessel interaction with the preferred water modelling software MIKE 21/3.

Monitor port activity via satellites 
Automate monitoring port activities such as loading and unloading vessels, tracking vessels and trucks, and estimating inventory stocks. Monitor even the smallest movements using high-resolution optical and radar (SAR) satellite data. 

Port Botany (Australia) avoids 100+ hours in transit delays
Read how they plan ship transits
Port of Virginia adopts new digital solution with immediate returns
See what decision-making tool they rely on
"With the help of satellite-derived bathymetry from DHI GRAS, we were able to make a proper navigational risk assessment which enabled our clients to safely access the remote and poorly charted waters around Skjoldungen."
Thomas Bøggild, Project Manager
Greenland Pilot Service
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