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Protecting Societies from Flood & Drought Disasters

Actively manage risks with more insightful predictions of hydrological events and their consequences

The issue

As the frequency of extreme hydrological events increases, societies need to be prepared and ensure they are resilient and capable of adapting to natural hazards now and in the future. Planners and decision makers face the challenging task of designing strategies and implementing risk management solutions with limited budgets, competing needs and deep uncertainty.

Why it matters

Without recognising potential impacts of extreme events on the economy and population, infrastructure investments or emergency response plans are at risk of being disproportionate, irrelevant or soon obsolete. By quantifying risks, deploying robust analytical tools and reliable forecasting techniques, you can drive action by designing optimal portfolios of mitigation, response and risk transfer measures.

How we can help

DHI helps bridge the gap between assessing risks and making risk-informed decisions. We provide services to analyse, forecast and communicate hydrological hazards and risks to stakeholders who need to prioritise, justify and target investments. But we do not stop there. Our technologies allow you to understand the benefits of your investments, re-adjust and transfer residual risks to private markets.

Integrated solutions

Governments, authorities and emergency responders need to take proactive measures to better protect society from the growing threat of flood and drought disasters. Here’s a glimpse at some of the technology available to support your risk management efforts.

Capture flood hazards in all its dimensions

Analyse flooding from multiple sources with the intuitive and flexible modelling capabilities of MIKE URBAN+ or from space with Flood Metrics.

Seamlessly quantify impacts

Understand and manage flooding risks with ClimADAPT or from your web-browser with DHI Flood Risk, our new cloud solution designed for non- modelling experts.

Design interventions and evaluate adaptation pathways

Identify risk changes over time, analyse the cost-benefits of adaptation pathways and confidently define long-term investments with ClimADAPT+.

Disseminate reliable alerts

Receive timely alerts and swiftly inform all levels of command and the public of an impending crisis situation with MIKE OPERATIONS.

Optimise river infrastructure operations in real-time

Rely on custom, real-time forecasts based on MIKE OPERATIONS and Model Predictive Control to determine the best course of action for reducing the impact of extreme hydrological conditions.

Transfer residual risks through parametric insurance

Access data, design and operate new parametric index insurance products anywhere in the world with the support of DHI’s cloud-based NatCatEye platform.

Featured software subscription package


This affordable subscription package provides all the applications you need for integrated 1D/2D flood modelling and risk assessment from the MIKE FLOOD, MIKE URBAN+ and MIKE HYDRO River collections.

Client successes

Uttarakhand prepares evidence to improve preparedness and support investments
Read more about how multi-hazard risk assessment helped lay the foundations for better planning and response for the State.
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PCRAFI regional insurance program to cover floods and droughts
See how DHI supported the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Financing Initiative to extend its current program to provide rapid emergency funds in the aftermath of extreme hydrological events.
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Nepal gets ready to make risk informed decisions
Read about how DHI used MIKE products and the open source CAPRA platform to provide fully probabilistic risk information to the World Bank and Nepalese authorities.
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Danish municipalities analyse risks from their web-browser
Learn more about the application of DHI's easy-to-use, generic Decision Support System to analyse flooding from multiple sources and design mitigation interventions.
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How machine learning can help fuel decisions in flood management

Inspired by the changes machine learning has on other industries, its fast computation time is especially valuable for flood early warning systems and guiding mitigation activities in real-time. Thus, offering new and intriguing opportunities for reducing the impacts of flooding.

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Featured training


BLUE café: Machine learning approaches to river water level and flood forecast

Register for this one-hour webinar to explore the role of machine learning for forecasting water level and flooding. We’ll also provide insight on some results the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA) achieved using this technology.

2 Sept 2020 | 14:00-15:00 UTC | Register


Why Probablistic Risk Assessment matters

Active flood risk management is to be based on the quantitative evaluation of flooding consequences on the population and economy. However, adding these new dimensions of analysis disrupts traditional flood modelling and calls for new approaches. Join us for a free 45-minute webinar as we share key concepts, discuss the limitations in existing practice and illustrate novel approaches that help better capture flood risks.

15 Sept 2020 | 1:00-1:45 and 8:00-8:45 UTC | Register


Step up climate adaptation, accelerate decision making

As the effects of climate change are omnipresent, cities and countries across the globe have initiated a journey to understand the possible medium and long-term consequences on their communities. Join us for a free 45-minute webinar to explore how recent technological advances, accessible to both experts and non-experts, can accelerate risk-based decisions for long-term adaptation.

15 Oct 2020 | 5:00-5:45 and 16:00-16:45 UTC | Register


Getting started with urban flood modelling using MIKE URBAN+

Take advantage of this free, modular online course for step-by-step introductions on the basic functions of MIKE URBAN+ 2D Overland Flow (MIKE URBAN+ 2D). Learn how to couple a 1D network to a 2D overland model and run your very first simulation in MIKE URBAN+ 2D!

Available anytime | Register

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