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"MIKE 21 MA has the best capability to model the mooring system design, especially the ship motion analysis and force in the mooring lines. MIKE 21 MA with MIKE 21 HD FM forcing is easy to use and set up with a friendly user interface.

Prayat Nikompak, Electricity Generating Authority, Thailand

"The NCOS Online system has the potential for significantly reducing opex and capex expenditure."

Keith Gordon, Port of Melbourne

"Using the latest advances in numerical modelling of dynamic response of powered vessels subject to waves, tides, winds and currents, the operational system developed by DHI allows for the forecast and management of the under keel clearances (UKC) of large commercial vessels accessing the Port of Brisbane".

Peter Keyte, Port of Brisbane, Australia
"NCOS Online has given us a better physics-based understanding of the unlocked potential of our port and has been a valuable tool for improving our environmental management."

Keith Gordan, Port of Melbourne
Ports are the global gateway for trade.
However, most ports can simply not keep up with the growth in shipping volumes around the world.
By leveraging new technology, ports can work smarter with less of an impact on the environment. Through the unique combination of physics based, advanced software technology with expert consultancy methods recognised by IMO and PIANC, DHI can help you identify the right solutions to:

Integrated solutions

Whether you’re interested in collaborating with our expert advisors or taking a hands-on approach using DHI’s digital tools and modelling software, we offer a range of solutions to help your port achieve a more profitable and sustainable future.


Explore hidden capacities and streamline decision making


Reduce dredging expenditure and become ecofriendly


Meet increasing cargo, secure your port and stay resilient


Grow port business with nature-based design solutions

Featured software subscription package

Ports & Maritime

Optimise port and terminal design and operations with this affordable subscription package featuring MIKE 3 Wave FM, MIKE 21 Boussinesq Waves (BW), MIKE 21 Spectral Waves (SW), MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MA) and more!


What are the constraints of traditional numerical modelling?

Operational safety is at stake when wave movement is high in ports and terminals. As such, port authorities and key stakeholders are concerned with wave conditions affecting vessel motions to avoid costly consequences. In addition, high vessel motions may damage mooring lines, fenders, or even the moored vessels in the port. What if there was a faster, better and easier way to model waves in ports as compared to existing methods? Continue reading

Featured training


Fast and Easy Access to Best-in-Class Metocean Data Globally

Watch this free webinar to gain powerful insight on how your projects can benefit from the online MetOcean Data Portal. Discover exciting new functionalities like data access via APIs and learn how to access recently released and updated global data sets for South Korean, Japanese and Danish waters.

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Mooring Analysis with MIKE 21 MA

Learn about the latest features of MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MA) software through this free webinar. MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MA) extends the applicability of the MIKE Powered by DHI suite towards vessel operations. Explore the latest features of this powerful software recently made available in the 2020 Release.

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Dynamic analysis of moored vessels using MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MA)

Learn the fundamentals of mooring analysis through participation in this modular, four-week instructor led, online course. We’ll show you step by step how to set up a moored ship in a port subject to environmental forces such as waves, currents, and wind. Course dates include: 20 Jan, 27 Jan, 3 Feb, and 10 Feb 2021.

8:00-10:00 UTC | Course begins on 20 Jan 2021 | Register

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