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Protecting Societies from Flood & Drought Disasters

Actively manage risks with more insightful predictions of hydrological events and their consequences

The issue

As the frequency of extreme hydrological events increases, societies need to be prepared and ensure they are resilient and capable of adapting to natural hazards now and in the future. Planners and decision makers face the challenging task of designing strategies and implementing risk management solutions with limited budgets, competing needs and deep uncertainty.

Why it matters

Without recognising potential impacts of extreme events on the economy and population, infrastructure investments or emergency response plans are at risk of being disproportionate, irrelevant or soon obsolete. By quantifying risks, deploying robust analytical tools and reliable forecasting techniques, you can drive action by designing optimal portfolios of mitigation, response and risk transfer measures.

How we can help

DHI helps bridge the gap between assessing risks and making risk-informed decisions. We provide services to analyse, forecast and communicate hydrological hazards and risks to stakeholders who need to prioritise, justify and target investments. But we do not stop there. Our technologies allow you to understand the benefits of your investments, re-adjust and transfer residual risks to private markets.

Integrated solutions

Here’s what governments, authorities and emergency responders can do with DHI’s technology to better protect society from the growing threat of flood and drought disasters.

Capture flood hazards in all its dimensions

Seamlessly quantify impacts

Design interventions and evaluate adaptation pathways

Disseminate reliable alerts

Optimise river infrastructure operations in real-time

Transfer residual risks through parametric insurance

Related technology

Support your risk management efforts with advanced technology.

Integrated modelling software
Perform dynamic flood analysis with this intuitive and flexible modelling software.
Web portal
Flood Metrics
Access satellite-based flood products and Digital Elevation Models from a single portal.
Desktop application
Analyse future flood risks and design cost-effective adaptation strategies.
Cloud application
Produce dynamic flood maps in the cloud to support flood protection planning.
Software development platform
Build custom systems for data management, real-time forecasting and control.
Advanced process control method
Model Predictive Control
Optimise the operation of your water system with automated real-time control.
Cloud application
Monitor extreme weather indices & operate parametric insurance anywhere.
Cloud application
Flood Screener
Quickly identify flood prone areas for mitigation planning and detailed flood studies.

Featured software subscription package


This affordable subscription package provides all the applications you need for integrated 1D/2D flood modelling and risk assessment from the MIKE+ and MIKE HYDRO River collections.


How machine learning can help fuel decisions in flood management

Inspired by the changes machine learning has on other industries, its fast computation time is especially valuable for flood early warning systems and guiding mitigation activities in real-time. Thus, offering new and intriguing opportunities for reducing the impacts of flooding.

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Featured training


Why Probablistic Risk Assessment matters

Active flood risk management is based on the quantitative evaluation of flooding consequences on the population and economy. However, adding these new dimensions of analysis disrupts traditional flood modelling and calls for new approaches. Watch this pre-recorded, 45-minute webinar to learn key concepts, the limitations in existing practice and novel approaches to better capture flood risks.

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Step up climate adaptation, accelerate decision making

Watch this pre-recorded, 45-minute webinar to explore how recent technological advances, accessible to both experts and non-experts, can accelerate risk-based decisions for long-term adaptation.

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Getting started with urban flood modelling using MIKE+

Take advantage of this no fee*, modular online course for step-by-step introductions on the basic functions of MIKE+ Urban Flooding. Learn how to couple a 1D network to a 2D overland model and run your very first simulation in MIKE+!

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Getting started with flood modelling using MIKE FLOOD

Participate in this no-fee*, self-paced course for tips on how to address flooding more holistically. Learn the basic functions of MIKE FLOOD and see how it can help you tackle the most pressing water management challenges of today.

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